Business Consulting

As financial institutions look to the challenge of achieving Straight Through Processing (STP) through leveraging technology, the importance of AMFCO Technologies’ industry expertise, knowledge and leading edge solutions continues to grow.

AMFCO’s experience and expertise, gained through more than 1,000 global customer installations enables us to understand institutions’ business process and needs. Our senior consultants have extensive industry knowledge and have the hands-on experience of a wide range of transaction management disciplines and strategies, so are well placed to advise customers on the best means of achieving first-rate operational efficiency.

AMFCO can offer a broad range of consultation services, designed to help firms fully benefit from our solutions, as well as re-engineering their business processes to achieve greater efficiency and control.

AMFCO can provide full-time Business and Technical Consultants to meet internal staffing requirements for either project efforts or daily operations. Our wide range of multi-talented industry professionals are familiar with both the market and environment, and can fulfil any short or long term requirement.

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