Premium Modules


    1. Create blog
    1. View other blogs
    1. Filter blogs based on available filter
    1. Search for specific blog using search facility
    1. View all the activities in the blog
    1. Comment and rate blogs
    1. Ban abusive blog posts, comments
  • Library

    1. Browse through library books catalogue and identify the book(s) to be issued
    1. Manage library books
    1. View/Edit/Delete/Add books
    1. Add books with custom tag facility available
    1. Filter book using available filters
    1. Normal and detail Search for a book available
    1. Manage book returns
    1. Manage book issue
    1. Manage books renew
  • Transport

    1. Add/Edit/Delete the routes for vehicles
    1. Add destination and cost details
    1. Add/Edit/Delete Vehicle details
    1. Get Transport Details
    1. Transport Fee facility available
  • Applicant Registration

    1. Comprehensive registration form
    1. Highly customizable form by the user himself
    1. Manage/Edit/Delete registration of courses
    1. View applicants based on different filters available
    1. View the status of the applicant like pending, eligible etc
    1. Allot or discard the applicants after reviewing
    1. Completed registration form print facility available
    1. Set the minimum score, pin facility, approval system etc as required
    1. Subject based registration
    1. Subject based amount collection
  • Collaborate

    1. Distance education facility available
    1. Collaborate with students and other users via text, audio and/or video at anytime
    1. Invite and create group / session as required
    1. Record the session for future use
    1. Sound files can be shared for later use
    1. Whiteboard facility available
    1. Group chat facility available
    1. Questions can be asked during collaboration via raising hand facility
    1. Interactive collaboration facility available
  • Custom Imports

    1. Import Student data
    1. Import Guardian details
    1. Import daily wise attendance records
    1. Import Examination scores
    1. Import Library book details
    1. Import Inventory details like Store Items, Suppliers
    1. Check the import log
  • Custom Report

    1. Create custom report for student and employees
    1. Custom name can be given for the custom report
    1. Create custom report based on input criteria based on large number of fields available
    1. Create the report to display based on the user requirement
    1. Arrange the report display as required
    1. Displayed custom report can be rearranged in ascending or descending order based on any of the fields available in the displayed report
    1. View/Delete custom report facility
  • Inventory

    1. Manage and create store categories
    1. Manage and create store types
    1. Manage and create stores
    1. Manage and create Store Item
    1. Manage and create supplier types
    1. Manage and create Suppliers
    1. Creates Indents
    1. Manage Purchase Order
    1. Creates GRN
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