Today’s mobile society is more demanding of convenient, anytime-anywhere access to information and services – and businesses have responded. But our interconnected world is a high-threat environment. Any remote channel that provides access to your computers and network systems is a potential entry point for viruses and other malware.

AMFCO Managed services secures your environment across these endpoints with leading anti-virus protection that proactively detects threats and addresses the sources of infection –before they have the chance to infect your system.

AMFCO Systems anti-virus solutions provide security and data protection for all of your business endpoints, including:
  • Online (Web-Based)
  • Email
  • USB Keys
  • Applications such as P2P, VoIP, and IM
  • Mobile devices
  • Virtual resources

  • We provide you automatic protection against the latest threats with:
  • Proactive anti-malware technologies
  • Encryption that secures your data and achieves regulatory compliance
  • Regular updates that protect against new versions of malware
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