Core Modules


    1. Drag and drop timetable creation design
    1. Alerts on subject limits per week stats
    1. Alerts on employee subject limits while creating timetable
    1. Timetable creation in advance
    1. Edit/Delete timetable facility available
  • Attendance

    1. Easy marking of attendance
    1. Note/Remarks for attendance can be given
    1. Different types of attendance report can be taken
    1. Reports can be filtered using the available filters
    1. Integrate with hardware devices RFID and Biometric
  • Human Resources

    1. Manage all employees from admission to exit
    1. Customizable admission form
    1. Manage entire payroll efficiently
    1. Customizable and robust payroll form
    1. Efficient leave management system available
    1. Authenticated pay slip approval system
    1. One click pay slip approval and reject facilities
    1. Normal and advanced search facility
  • Finance

    1. Comprehensive Fee classification system
    1. Separate fee collection date designing system for faster finance process
    1. Easy analysis of fee defaulters and fee structure available
    1. Easy fee submission process
    1. Manage and Pay instant fees
    1. Manage entire expense and incomes
    1. Pay slip approval system
    1. Manage Asset and Liabilities
    1. Manage Donations
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