Building Management System (BMS)

Building Management is a tool for the Facility Management. By Building Management systems the building´s plant systems are operated, monitored, maintained and optimized.

Building Management Systems (BMS) simplify the building´s maintenance, operation and management of a building. The Building Management software simplifies energy optimization and increases the comfort for the users through the visual presentation of desired and actual values, also on basis of past data. By BMS, the users are provided with all plant data for evaluations, analyses and protocols. All sensors, actuators, operating elements as well as further technical units of the building are cross-linked.

With our Building Management software OPENweb you can manage and monitor your building´s technical installations by easily understandable graphical illustrations easily, intuitively and error-free. Thanks to the modern web server-technology, access, display and the amount of information can be adapted to the needs and competences of the individual users.

A user-friendly energy management of your building is made possible by our powerful internal web server OPENview. The access and graphical operation are done via PCs, smartphones and Tablet PCs through network, WLAN or internet.

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